We are an apolitical, voluntary association of citizens in Slovakia and primarily we operates in the area of Medzibodrožie.

Our basic mission is to carry out charitable activities, based on christian and social principles.

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About us

Our aim is to:

  • providing assistance to people in need, single mothers, abused women and children:
    • to ensure the conditions for satisfying basic needs,,
    • prevent the emergence of the social situation and propose solutions to alleviate this situation,
    • edification,
    • search and maintaining contacts with domestic and foreign entities orientujúcimi on their issues,
    • efforts to cooperate with third sector organizations and that will create favorable conditions to solve their problems
  • organizing children's camps and various occasional events,
  • education, training and development of physical culture,
  • organization of sporting events in order to shape the children, youth and adults in favor of strengthening health, physical fitness and use of leisure time,
  • development, protection, restoration and presentation of spiritual and cultural values,
  • contributing to the education of citizens to organize further training forms for children and adults,
  • facilitating entry respectively. jobseekers return to work,
  • support regional development and employment,
  • improve the employability of job seekers and removing barriers to labor market entry,
  • prevention of unemployment through investment in human resources,
  • preparation of projects to tackle unemployment of citizens and the organization and execution of public works in the Slovak Republic,
  • actively participating in projects aimed at the use of the European Social Fund,
  • implementation of projects promoting overall prosperity of the region, including the physical, cultural and educational level,
  • environmental protection and public health,
  • obtaining financial and material resources to the activities of the association,
  • organization of events related to the presentation and acquiring resources for OZ – Iskra nádeje.

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